The Lion King Hero

One of my heroes is Micheal Phelps. He is my hero because he works hard. Micheal is also similar in characteristics to heroes in the Lion King. Micheal Phelps is somewhat like Rafiki from Lion King because he is very motivational and is wise. This is because Micheal is a very motivational person because he must get his team excited, and also Micheal would have collected a lot of wisdom from his long career. Next Micheal is like Mufasa because he must be able to past down his wisdom. Like Mufasa Micheal must past down his knowledge to the younger swimmers, like Mufasa when he had to pass his knowledge to Simba. Lastly Micheal Phelps is like Simba. This is because Simba came back after leaving, and Micheal came back to swimming after quitting for a little while. That is why my hero Micheal Phelps is similar to some heroes in the Lion King.

What was WWII?

World war two was a war that involved the Axis powers and the Allied powers. The allied powers consisted of the U.S, Britain, China and Russia. America joined the war mainly because if the attack on Pearl Harbor from Japan. Britain joined to stop Germany from starting another war. China because Japan started to take territory from them. Russia joined to try to remove German influence from Europe and take complete control of Europe. Now lets look at the opposing alliance who fought in WWII.

The other alliance who fought in WWII is the Axis powers. The Axis Powers was made of Italy, Japan and Germany. Germany started the war because in the recent war WWI Germany lost a lot of territory because they lost. So Germany, to regain territory invaded surrounding countries. Japan wanted to conquer all of Asia. Finally, Italy alongside with Germany wanted for Europe to be ruled by Germany and Italy.

World war two started in 1939 this is when Germany invades Poland. Then in 1940 Germany invades Denmark. Also in 1940 Italy, Japan and Germany join together and officially become the Axis Powers. Then in 1941 Pearl Harbor happens forcing America to join the war. The Axis powers also attacks Russia with about four million troops. From 1942 to 1943 many battles happen like the Battle of Midway. Then in 1944 the iconic D-day and Normandy happened where allied forces stormed the beaches of France. Finally the war ended in 1945 with the U.S using nuclear bombs to destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. In Germany Adolf Hitler commits suicide and in Italy resistance fighters kill the Dictator. Do you think I missed some facts? If so, comment what I missed in the comment section.

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Have a Happy New Year a Chinese New Year

My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a holiday in Chinese culture when based off the Original Chinese Calendar that the official new year begins. Chinese New Year celebrations lasts for a total of fifteen days, but kids get the whole month off of school. Historians believe the first Chinese New year was during the Shang Dynasty. Each year in China named to honor an animal. For example 1988 and 2000 are years of the dragon. While 1974 and 2010 are years of the tiger.

During Chinese New Year there are many foods made specifically for the holiday. One of these foods eaten during the holiday are rice cakes. Rice cakes are made to symbolize good luck for the new year.  Next, another popular dish for the new year are dumplings. Dumplings are made to symbolize wealthy. Lastly, noodles are also a dish eaten during the celebration. Noodles like all other foods also symbolize for something, in this case noodles stand for happiness.

During the fifteen days of Chinese New Year there are many tradition. For example one of the most popular traditions is the lion dance. The lion dance is when during a parade a group of people go in a costume and they move the costume like a lion. Another very common tradition during this time is red envelopes. Red envelopes are envelops with money inside given to kids from parents and grandparents. Finally, at night families often hang red lanterns around the community creating a bright glow in the air.

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All About Safe and Secure

My school is doing a 20% project, and my group is doing a website where we post safety tips on the internet and in real life. When I was planning this project I had a few problems some of these include I do not know if we have enough tips to be able to keep the blog upload consistent. I also think that we will have a hard time starting the website. This is because not to many people will check out our website. I feel this because at the beginning the website will not show up on the top of the search results. I honestly think that once the views start to increase the more people will view the website.

For this project we have many goals that I hope to achieve. One of these goals is I hope to get a total amount of people who see the website is equal to the population of Boone County. Another one of our goals is to learn about being safer in the community. We also hope that our safety tips will help people from being hacked and having their identities stolen. Some of the goals that we want to accomplish this month is we want to start our website. We also want to post our first blog by the end of the month.

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My Extremely Ordinary Day At Schools

My day starts early in the morning at about 7:10 when I arrive at school after being dropped off by the bus. I sit in the gym until about 7:35 when I start my first period or Rosetta Stone time until 7:55 when we are dismissed to our first period. During first period I have math normally in math we do a single lesson then we are assigned a math page from out book that is homework if we do not finish it. First period ends at 8:44  then I head to my locker to get my books for language arts. My second period, Language arts starts at 8:46. During language arts we do one lesson about either comma rules, types of writing or correct grammar use. Second period ends at 9:33 and I go to my third period. My third period is PBL or project based learning. In PBL our daily lessons are in large variety sometimes we start a project or we do a blog. My third period ends at 10:22 after that I have a locker break where I get my stuff for forth and fifth period. My forth period is Social Studies and it starts at 10:24 and ends 11:11. In social studies normally we watch a video about the current topic and then we take some notes. After that is science which starts at 11:13 and ends at 11:55. Then after that is lunch which starts at 11:58 and ends at 12:30. Then I have advisory where I can work on homework. Then my 6th period starts at 12:55 until 1:42. My 6th period is band and in band we try to get through at least 12 lines in a concert song. Finally, I have Spanish is my 7th period which starts at 1:44 until 2:35. After my school day is over and I head home on the school bus.

Over the school year I have many different breaks and class changes. For example in November the 22nd to the 24th are breaks. Also from the 20th of December to the January the 2nd is Winter Break. Also in January we have day off in January the 15th. Then in April from the 9th to the 13th we have Spring Break. We also have 175 total days of school. In our school we have 5 total terms in our school year where we get new unified arts class. That is my overall schedule of this school year. If you have any information about your own school day or year please comment your thought down below.

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One Big Post About Sharks

My favorite animal is sharks, and I have liked them for a long time. I first learned about sharks in a book in kindergarten. Ever since, I would in my spare time try to learn every thing about sharks. When my dad learned my enjoyment of sharks he would by a new season of shark week every time one came out. I remember in 1st grade waking up at 6 am in the morning during weekends to watch and episode on a small portable DVD player. I also enjoyed drawing the sharks from the episodes.

Some facts that I learned is about 440 known species of sharks. Most sharks are salt water sharks are, but there are a few fresh water sharks. An example of a fresh water shark that is a Bull Shark. Most sharks are very camouflaged to be able hunt easily. Sharks’ underbellies are bright to blend into the sun when looking up from the ocean floor. The top of the shark is dark so that when looking down at the ocean floor the top of the shark will blend into the bottom of the ocean.

Finally, sharks are at the top of the food chain in the ocean. Also not all sharks are carnivorous, whale sharks eat small animals called plankton. Next, sharks can smell a drop of blood form over a mile away. Did you know that it is more likely to be struck by lightning than to be bitten by a shark? If you see a shark the safest way to not be attacked by it is to stay still and not to panic. Finally, when sharks are killing prey they thrash body around to kill the animal. When, the sharks are doing this they roll their eyes into the back of their head so that the meat does not get into the shark’s eye. If you have any questions about sharks feel free to ask in the comment section.

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Pictures Say a 1000 Words

Activity 1

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Staring out into the wilderness, Tim knew that to prove himself he needed to start moving. He needed to start hiking or he would never finish his trial by fire. Tim checked his gear making sure all the weapons are ready. He knew to survive the 15 mile hike he had to stay strong. Tim took a deep breath and started walking into the unknown to prove himself to become a SAS soldier. Do you think that Tim will survive the intense 15v mile trek?

Comment below your thoughts of what will happen.

Activity 2

By Dwight Sipler on flikr

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Your Guide to NOT Getting Copyrighted

Activity 1

After doing some research, I found that depending on what has been copied can be tens of years fines can also go into the thousands of dollars. The copyright law was first started in the May of 1970. The law is used to prevent people form taking other’s ideas and making a profit with it. I also learned that for the pictures or music you use you should copy the URL of the original work and you should put who made the original work. I still wonder why the law started a lot later than it should have. This information will be useful for you because now you can safety put pictures in blogs without getting in trouble. I am certain that the tips I gave are help for learning about copyrighting and how to safety put other’s works in your own.

  • Activity 2
  • Swimming up and down the lane
  • 50 meters for a single lap
  • With the Olympic Rings above them
  • Practicing many different strokes
  • Preparing for their swims
  • Trying to get as close to perfection as possible
  • What are they doing?
  • Well, the swimmers are warming up

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Image from the Independent co UK

Comment Challenge

I was interested in this blog post because I once had a Rubik’s cube, and I also know Carlo so I wanted to learn more about his passion for them. I relate to Carlo because I once had a cube but I could never find a way to solve so I am amazed every time he solves one so quickly at our lunch table. I wanted to know how he started cubing because one day after winter break he brought a Rubik’s cube to school and solved it. I have also seen him bring multiple other types of cubes like the ones I named so I was curious about his average time with those.

This was my comment: Nice job on the blog, but I have a few questions. How did you get started with Rubik’s cubing in the first place? Also what are your other average times for the 2*2*2, the Mega Minx, and the Pyraminx.

This is the blog I commented on I recommend you check it out:

Why I made my avatar look the way it does

I made my avatar look like he is in the army because I look up to soldiers. I look up to the military because they sacrifice themselves for the safety of our country. I also think that the military uniforms look very formal and official. Next, I also made my avatar have some lines under his eyes to add a look of being tired to represent how I feel on a daily basis. Finally, I made the hair messy because I normally do not comb my hair.

This is where I created my avatar: face your mangna