What was WWII?

World war two was a war that involved the Axis powers and the Allied powers. The allied powers consisted of the U.S, Britain, China and Russia. America joined the war mainly because if the attack on Pearl Harbor from Japan. Britain joined to stop Germany from starting another war. China because Japan started to take territory from them. Russia joined to try to remove German influence from Europe and take complete control of Europe. Now lets look at the opposing alliance who fought in WWII.

The other alliance who fought in WWII is the Axis powers. The Axis Powers was made of Italy, Japan and Germany. Germany started the war because in the recent war WWI Germany lost a lot of territory because they lost. So Germany, to regain territory invaded surrounding countries. Japan wanted to conquer all of Asia. Finally, Italy alongside with Germany wanted for Europe to be ruled by Germany and Italy.

World war two started in 1939 this is when Germany invades Poland. Then in 1940 Germany invades Denmark. Also in 1940 Italy, Japan and Germany join together and officially become the Axis Powers. Then in 1941 Pearl Harbor happens forcing America to join the war. The Axis powers also attacks Russia with about four million troops. From 1942 to 1943 many battles happen like the Battle of Midway. Then in 1944 the iconic D-day and Normandy happened where allied forces stormed the beaches of France. Finally the war ended in 1945 with the U.S using nuclear bombs to destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. In Germany Adolf Hitler commits suicide and in Italy resistance fighters kill the Dictator. Do you think I missed some facts? If so, comment what I missed in the comment section.

1944, France, Des tankistes du sPzAbt 503 repeignent un Panzer VI "Tiger II" (Königstiger) en lisière d'une forêt - 1/2 ww2gallery via Compfight

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